Publikationen Alejandro Romero Ruiz

Romero Ruiz A., O'Leary D., Daly E., Tuohy P., Milne A., Coleman K., Whitmore A. P.
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Soil Use and Management, 40, (2), 2024, 1-16.

Romero Ruiz A., O'Leary D., Keller T.
Agrogeophysical modelling of managed grasslands.
In: Agriculture and geophysics: Illuminating the subsurface. 1 February, Zürich. 2024, 1.

Romero Ruiz A., Rivero M. J., Milne A., Morgan S., Meo Filho P., Pulley S., Segura C., Harris P., Lee M. R. F., Coleman K., Cardenas L., Whitmore A. P.
Grazing livestock move by Lévy walks: Implications for soil health and environment.
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