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Roder T., Pimentel G., Bär C., Von Ah U., Bruggmann R., Vergères G.
Can eating bacteria from fermented foods support your health?

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Impact of pediococci on the amino acid profile of a model-cheese with propionic acid fermentation.
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Guggenbühl B., Dreier M., Fehér N., Beutler E., Fleuti C., Schmidt R., Von Ah U., Lüscher Bertocco M., Javet M., Bachmann H.-P.
Newly launched: Swiss center of excellence for raw milk products.
In: 23ème colloque du Club des Bactéries Lactiques. 08. Juni, Rennes. 2022.

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Von Ah U.
Lenticules – neues Trocknungsverfahren und Angebotsform für Starterkulturen.
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Malt flavour in Swiss semi-hard cheese.
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Feeding germ-free pregnant mice with a fermented dairy product activating the Aryl hydrocarbon receptor increases postnatal intestinal group 3 innate lymphoid cells in pups..
In: Online NuGO week 2021 – 17th edition. Immuno-nutrigenomics: How to feed the immune system.. 06.09., Hrsg. NuGO, 2021, 1-17.

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A comprehensive analysis of CRISPR diversity in cheese related genomes and metagenomes.
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Mikrobielle Schutzkulturen.
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Evolution of listeria monocytogenes during a persistent human prosthetic hip joint infection.
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In: NuGOweek 2019. 09.09., Bern - Agroscope. 2019.

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