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Publications Paul Dahlin

Dahlin P., Stucky T., Bünter M.
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What did we achieve with VALITEST an EU project on validation in plant pest diagnostics?
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Les nématodes sont des organismes vivants encore largement méconnus.
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Publ. Agroscope, Wädenswil. Merkblatt 135, August, 2021, 2 pp.
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Moradi A., El-Shetehy M., Gamir J., Austerlitz T., Dahlin P., Wieczorek K., Künzler M., Felix Mauch
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Identification, heterologous production and bioactivity of lentinulin A and dendrothelin A, two natural variants of backbone N-methylated peptide macrocycle omphalotin A.
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other Languages: french

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