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Richter P., Jan P., El Benni N., Lüscher A., Buchmann N., Klaus V.H.
A guide to assess and value ecosystem services of grasslands.
Ecosystem Services, 52, (December), 2021, 1-17.

Schneider M. K., Zehnder T., Bérard J., Pauler C., Staudinger M., Kreuzer M., Lüscher A.
Counteracting green alder shrub expansion by low-input grazing.
In: International Grassland Congress Proceedings. 25.9., Publ. Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization, Nairobi. 2021, 1-4.

Hammelehle A., Mayer J., Lüscher A., Mäder P., Oberson A.
15N natural abundance and 15N leaf labelling methods provide similar magnitudes of nitrogen transfer from clover to associated grass.
In: Legume Science and Practice 2 - A three day virtual conference. 1. September, Publ. Association of Applied Biologists, Wellesbourne, Warwick. 2021, 1-2.

Klötzli J., Suter M., Muller R., Schaffner U., Lüscher A.
IWMPraise Integriertes Unkrautmanagement von Blacken: Blackensamenbank.
Publ. Agroscope, Reckenholz. 22. Januar, 2021, 1 p.
other Languages: french

Suter M., Huguenin-Elie O., Lüscher A.
High-Yielding Grass-Clover Mixtures Achieve Numerous Aims.
Publ. Agroscope, Bern. Magazine «agroscope», July, 2021, 18-19 pp.
other Languages: german | french

Lüscher A., Suter M.
Bei Trockenheit richtig reagieren.
Elite, 4, 2021, 66-67.

Klötzli J., Suter M., Schaffner U., Müller-Schärer H., Lüscher A.
Facteurs influençant la présence de rumex (lampé) dans les surfaces herbagères et possibilités de lutte biologique avec un insecte spécialisé.
In: Journée herbagère ADCF-AGRIDEA 2021: Actualités, infos et échanges en ligne. 21.04., Publ. ADCF-AGRIDEA, Online. 2021.

Brophy C., Connolly J., Cummins S., Grange G., Haughey E., Huguenin-Elie O., Kirwan L., Lüscher A., Suter M., Vishwakarma R., Finn J.
Species diversity in intensively managed grasslands can promote ecosystem multifunctionality and help protect against the impact of extreme weather events.
In: Multi-species swards, BGS 13th Research Conference. 2 March, Publ. British Grassland Society, Cheshire. 2021, 16-19.

Hahn C., Lüscher A., Ernst-Hasler S., Suter M., Kahmen A.
Timing of drought in the growing season and strong legacy effects determine the annual productivity of temperate grasses in a changing climate.
Biogeosciences, 18, 2021, 585-604.

Suter M., Huguenin-Elie O., Lüscher A.
Multispecies for multifunctions: combining four complementary species enhances multifunctionality of sown grassland.
Scientific Reports, 11:3835, 2021, 1-16.

Fox A., Widmer F., Muller R., Barreiro A., Dimitrova Mårtensson L.-M., Silva L., Vieira Â. F., Parelho C., Cruz C., Melo J., Musyoki M., Zimmermann J., Rasche F., Lüscher A.
Extensive grassland management promotes greater above- and belowground community richness in two contrasting agroclimatic regions in Switzerland.
Grassland Science in Europe, 25, 2020, 415-417.

Malische C.S., Lewansowski L., Salminen J.-P., Taube F., Lüscher A.
Low concentrations of protein- and fiber-bound proanthocyanidins in sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia) are stable across accessions, growth stages, and drought conditions.
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 68, 2020, 7369-7377.

Schaub S., Buchmann N., Lüscher A., Finger R.
Economic benefits from plant species diversity in intensively managed grasslands.

Fox A., Lüscher A., Widmer F.
Plant species identity drives soil microbial community structures that persist under a following crop.
Ecology and Evolution, 10, 2020, 8652-8668.

Finn J. A., Suter M., Haughey E., Lüscher A.
Species richness increased yield stability in intensively managed grasslands subjected to experimental drought.
In: International Symposium on Climate-Resilient Agri-Environmental Systems (ISCRAES 2020). ISCRAES Book of Abstracts Series 1, October, Publ. M.I. Khalil and B.A. Osborne, University College Dublin and Prudence College Dublin, Ireland. 2020, 53.

Klaus V.H., Richter F., Buchmann N., Jan P., El Benni N., Lüscher A.
Effects of organic farming on ecosystem services and multifunctionality in Switzerland: the ServiceGrass project.
In: Proceedings of the 28th General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation - Grassland Science in Europe, Volume 25. 19.10., Publ. The Organising Committee of the 28th General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Wageningen Academic Publishers, Wageningen, The Netherlands. 2020, 505-507.

Zehnder T., Lüscher A., Ritzmann C., Pauler C., Bérard J., Kreuzer M., Schneider M. K.
Dominant shrub species are a strong predictor of plant species diversity along subalpine pasture-shrub transects.
Alpine Botany, 130, 2020, 141-156.

Klötzli J., Schaffner U., Suter M., Lüscher A.
Experimental trials managed by Agroscope and AGFF : Integrated Weed Management: PRActical Implementation and Solutions for Europe.
Publ. Veneto Agricoltura - Agenzia veneta per l’innovazione nel settore primario, Veneto. 30 April, 2020, 5 pp.

Suter M., Lüscher A.
Gestresstes Grünland erholt sich gut.
Top Agrar, 6, 2020, 28-29.

Fox A., Suter M., Widmer F., Lüscher A.
Positive legacy effect of previous legume proportion in a ley on the performance of a following crop of Lolium multiflorum.
Plant and Soil, 447, 2020, 497-506.

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