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Suter M., Hofer D., Lüscher A.
Drought resistance of functionally different forage species is related to their nitrogen acquisition and deficiency.
Grassland Science in Europe, 22, 2017, 431-433.

Finn J.A., Suter M., Haughey E., Hofer D., Lüscher A.
Short- and long-term effects on yield of grassland monocultures and mixtures exposed to simulated drought.
Grassland Science in Europe, 22, 2017, 320-322.

Suter M., Hofer D., Lüscher A.
Weed suppression enhanced by increasing functional trait dispersion and resource capture in forage ley mixtures.
Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment, 240, 2017, 329-339.

Hofer D., Suter M., Buchmann N., Lüscher A.
Nitrogen status of functionally different forage species explains resistance to severe drought and post-drought overcompensation.
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 236, 2017, 312-322.

Stutz C. J., Huguenin-Elie O., Gago R., Suter M., Hebeisen H., Lüscher A.
Können Schermäuse mit Mäusezäunen reguliert werden?
Agrarforschung Schweiz, 7, (9), 2016, 396-403.
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Suter M., Hofer D., Lüscher A.
High functional dispersion of forage mixtures suppresses weeds in intensively managed temperate grassland.
Grassland Science in Europe, 21, 2016, 591-593.

Hofer D., Suter M., Haughey E., Finn J. A., Lüscher A.
Annual yields of intensively managed grassland mixtures only slightly affected by experimental drought events.
Grassland Science in Europe, 21, 2016, 877-879.

Hofer D., Suter M., Haughey E., Finn J. A., Hoekstra N., Buchmann N., Lüscher A.
Yield of temperate forage grassland species is either largely resistant or resilient to experimental summer drought.
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Lüscher A., Suter M., Finn J. A.
Legumes and grasses in mixtures complement each other ideally for sustainable forage production.
Legume Perspectives, 12, (April), 2016, 8-10.

Suter M., Connolly J., Finn J. A., Loges R., Kirwan L., Sebastià M.-T., Lüscher A.
Nitrogen yield advantage from grass–legume mixtures is robust over a wide range of legume proportions and environmental conditions.
Global Change Biology, 21, (6), 2015, 2424-2438.

Hoekstra N. J., Suter M., Finn J. A., Husse S., Lüscher A.
Do belowground vertical niche differences between deep- and shallow-rooted species enhance resource uptake and drought resistance in grassland mixtures?
Plant and Soil, 394, (1), 2014, 21-34.

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Important differences in yield responses to simulated drought among four species and across three sites.
Grassland Science in Europe, 19, 2014, 166-168.

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Mischungseffekte unter unterschiedlichen Bedingungen.
Mitteilungen der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Grünland und Futterbau, 16, 2014, 136-141.

Huguenin-Elie O., Husse S., Suter M., Hoekstra N. J., Lüscher A.
Final report describing options for improving the environmental roles of grassland at the field level through the optimisation on the botanical composition of the swards.
Publ. MultiSward , D3.6. FP7-244983, 2014, 1-44 pp.

Lüscher A., Suter M., Finn J., Collins R., Gastal F.
Quantification of the effect of legume proportion in the sward on yield advantage and options to keep stable legume proportions (over climatic zones relevant for livestock production).
Publ. Animalchange Seventh Framework Programm, Theme 2: Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnologies. FP7 - 266018, 2014, 1-35 pp.

Suter M., Connolly J., Finn J. A., Helgadottir A., Golinski P., Kirwan L., Loges R., Kadziuliene Z., Sebastià M. T., Taube F., Lüscher A.
Grass-legume mixtures enhance yield of total nitrogen and uptake from symbiotic N2 fixation: Evidence from a three-year multisite experiment.
Grassland Science in Europe, 18, 2013, 76-78.

Finn J. A., Kirwan L., Connolly J., Sebastià M. T., Helgadottir A., Baadshaug O. H., Bélanger G., Black A., Brophy C., Collins R. P., Čop J., Dalmannsdóttir S., Delgado I., Elgersma A., Fothergill M. and others
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Journal of Applied Ecology, 50, (2), 2013, 365-375.

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An improved model to predict the effects of changing biodiversity levels on ecosystem function.
Journal of Ecology, 101, (2), 2013, 344-355.

Suter M., Lüscher A.
Rapid and high seed germination and large soil seed bank of Senecio aquaticus in managed grassland.
The Scientific World Journal, Jan 4., 2012, 1-8.

Suter M.
Verhinderung der Ausbreitung von giftigen Kreuzkrautarten im Schweizer Grasland.
Publ. AGFF, Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Förderung des Futterbaues, Zürich. Juli, 2012, 1-2 pp.

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