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Graham M., Chelanga P., Jensen N. D., Leitner S. M., Fava F., Merbold L.
A framework for assessing the effects of shock events on livestock and environment in sub-Saharan Africa : The COVID-19 pandemic in Northern Kenya.
Agricultural Systems, 192, 2021, 1-14.

Virkkala A.-M., Natali S. M., Rogers B.M., Watts J.D., Savage K., Connon S. J., Mauritz M., Schuur E. A. G., Peter D., Minions C., Nojeim J., Commane R., Emmerton C. A., Goeckede M., Helbig M. et autres
The ABCflux database: Arctic-Boreal CO2 flux observations and ancillary information aggregated to monthly time steps across terrestrial ecosystems.
Earth System Science Data, 14, (1), 2021, 179-208.

Irvin J., Zhou S., McNicol G., Lu F., Liu V., Fluet-Chouinard E., Ouyang Z., Knox S. H., Lucas-Moffat A., Trotta C., Papale D., Vitale D., Mammarella I., Alekseychik P., Aurela M. et autres
Gap-filling eddy covariance methane fluxes : Comparison of machine learning model predictions and uncertainties at FLUXNET-CH4 wetlands.
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 308-309, 2021, 1-22.

Dowling T. P. F., Song P., De Jong M. C., Merbold L., Wooster M. J., Huang J., Zhang Y.
An improved cloud gap-filling method for longwave infrared land surface temperatures through introducing passive microwave techniques.
Remote Sensing, 13, (17), 2021, 1-26.

Merbold L., Scholes R., Acosta M., Beck J., Bombelli B., Fiedler B., Grieco E., Helmschrot J., Hugo W., Kasurinen V., Dong-Gill K., Körtzinger A., Leitner S., Lopez-Ballesteros A., Ndisi M. et autres
Opportunities for an African greenhouse gas observation system.
Regional Environmental Change, 21, (104), 2021, 1-12.

Ndung'u P., Kirui P., Takahashi T., du Toit C. J. L., Merbold L., Goopy J. P.
Data describing cattle performance and feed characteristics to calculate enteric methane emissions in smallholder livestock systems in Bomet County, Kenya.
Data in Brief, 39, 2021, 1-11.

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