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Publications Giuseppe Bee

Bee, G.
Correlation between histochemically assessed fiber type distribution and isomyosin and myosin heavy chain content in porcine skeletal muscles.
Journal of Animal Science, 77, 1999, 2104-2111.

Bee, G., Franz, T., Gebert, S., Messikommer, R., Wenk, C.
Effect of energy supply and dietary fat sources on the fatty acid profile of the adipose tissue in growing-finishing pig.
Proceedings of the Society of Nutrition Physiology, 8, 1999, 0-137.

Bee, G., Seewer, Germaine J.F., Dufey, P.A.
Effect of healing herb (symphytum peregrinum) fed to pigs on meat quality traits (Poster).
Book of Abstracts Annual Meeting EAAP, 1999, 0-322.

Bee, G., Messikommer, R.
Enzymzusätze - eine Alternative zu AML im Futter beim Broiler?
Agrarforschung, 5, (3), 1998, 113-116.

Gebert, S., Bee, G., Messikommer, R., Pfirter, H.P.
Nahrungsfette und Vitamin E im Leghennenfutter.
Agrarforschung, 5, (7), 1998, 325-328.

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