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Loginova D., Mann S.
Institutional contributions to agricultural producer price stability.
Agricultural and Food Economics, (10), 2022, 1-22.

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A simple measure for workload as a social sustainability indicator for family farms.
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Mann S.
Why governments should tax animal production : A system approach to internalize the externalities of agriculture.
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Exploring heterogeneity in meat consumption and eating out by using a latent class model.
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Mann S.
Antibiotikaeinsatz durch Anreize reduzieren?
Agrarforschung Schweiz, 12, 2021, 146-150.

Mann S., Van Aken A.
Identifying wright’s 'cowboys' among Swiss farmers.
Journal of Rural Studies, 86, 2021, 645-650.

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Direct Payments and Sustainable Agricultural Development—The Example of Poland.
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Ritzel C., Mann S.
The old man and the meat: on gender differences in meat consumption across stages of human life.
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Mann S., Umstätter C., Werner J.
Zur sozialen Nachhaltigkeit landwirtschaftlicher Familienbetriebe.
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Mann S.
Occupational choices in art and agriculture – a mixed-method web scraping approach.
International Journal of Social Economics, 48, (5), 2021, 748-758.

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Commons and peasant studies: Insights from social anthropology, human geogra-phy and agrarian economics.
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Schmidt A., Mack G., Mann S., Six J.
Reduction of nitrogen pollution in agriculture through nitrogen surplus quotas: An analysis of individual marginal abatement cost and different quota allocation schemes using an agent-based model.
Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 64, (8), 2021, 1375-1391.

Mann S.
Nobelpreisverdächtige Alpwirtschaft.
Montagna, 2021, (6), 2021, 8-9.

Möhring A., Mann S.
Causes and impacts of the mis-representation of agricultural policy – the case of food supply security payments in Switzerland.
Journal of Policy Modeling, 42, 2021, 466-482.

Necula R., Mann S.
The renaissance of fasting – evidence from a religious location in Europe.
Forum for Social Economics, 49, (4), 2021, 446-464.

Mann S.
How effective are national quality strategies for business—empirical evidence from Switzerland.
British Food Journal, 123, (5), 2021, 1722-1731.

Mann S.
Synthesizing knowledge about structural change in agriculture: The integration of disciplines and aggregation levels.
Agriculture, 11, (7), 2021, 601-615.

Ritzel C., Mann S.
Wer, wann und wo – die Identifikation von Stellschrauben beim Fleischkonsum.
Dans: SGA-Jahrestagung zum Thema «Landwirtschaft im Kontext des Klimawandels». 19.03., Online. 2021, 1-8.

Mann S., Necula R.
Are vegetarianism and veganism just half the story? Empirical insights from Switzerland.
British Food Journal, 122, (4), 2020, 1056-1067.

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