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Fabian Y., Roberti G., Herzog F.
Feucht-(Acker-)Flächen – (k)eine schwierige Entscheidung.
Dans: 16. Tagung Landmanagement. 18. Januar, Zürich. 2023.

Roberti G., Gramlich A., Benz R., Szerencsits E., Churko G., Prasuhn V., Leifeld J., Zorn A., Jacot-Ammann K., Herzog F., Fabian Y.
Aide à la décision pour les terres assolées humides : Aide à l’identification des surfaces pour lesquelles des alternatives au drainage peuvent être envisagées.
Agroscope Transfer, 449, 2022, 1-68.
autres langues: allemand | italien

Neff F., Korner-Nievergelt F., Rey E., Albrecht M., Bollmann K., Cahenzli F., Chittaro Y., Gossner M. M., Martinez Nunez C., Meier E., Monnerat C., Moretti M., Roth T., Herzog F., Knop E.
Different roles of concurring climate and regional land-use changes in past 40 years’ insect trends.
Nature Communications, 13, 2022, 1-12.

Eckerter P. W., Albrecht M., Herzog F., Entling M.H.
Floral resource use and fitness consequences for two solitary bee species in agricultural landscapes.
Basic and Applied Ecology, 65, 2022, 1-15.

Herzog F.
Agro-ecological innovations for sustainable production: Mainstreaming agroforestry and flower strips in Switzerland.
Thünen Report, 98, 2022, 35-40.

Fabian Y., Roberti G., Jacot-Ammann K., Gramlich A., Benz R., Szerencsits E., Churko G., Prasuhn V., Leifeld J., Zorn A., Walter T., Herzog F.
Repenser l’utilisation des terres assolées inondables : Synthèse du projet «Terres (assolées) humides».
Agrarforschung Schweiz, 13, 2022, 198-209.
autres langues: allemand

Helfenstein J., Edlinger A., Herzog F.
Farmer surveys in Europe suggest that specialized, intensive farms were more likely to perceive negative impacts from COVID-19.
Agronomy for Sustainable Development, (42), 2022, 1-16.

Herzog F.
Dans: Touch wood: Material, Architektur, Zukunft. Ed. Ferner C., Holdebrand T., Martinez-Carlavate C., Lars Müller Publishers. 2022, 64.

Debonne N., Bürgi M., Diogo V., Helfenstein J., Herzog F., Levers C., Mohr F., Swart R., Verburg P.
The geography of megatrends affecting European agriculture.
Global Environmental Change - Human and Policy Dimensions, 75, 2022, 1-14.

Nishizawa T., Kay S., Schuler J., Klein N., Herzog F., Aurbacher J., Zander P.
Ecological–Economic Modelling of Traditional Agroforestry to Promote Farmland Biodiversity with Cost-Effective Payments.
Sustainability, 14, (9), 2022, 1-21.

Eckerter P., Albrecht M., Bertrand C., Gobet E., Herzog F., Pfister S., Tinner W., Entling M.
Effects of temporal floral resource availability and non‑crop habitats on broad bean pollination.
Landscape Ecology, (37), 2022, 1-14.

Fabian Y., Herzog F., Jacot-Ammann K., Szerencsits E.
Feucht(Acker)Flächen – Keine leichte Entscheidung!
Dans: Nachhaltigkeitstagung 22. 27. Januar, Agroscope Reckenholz Affoltern Zürich. 2022.

Helfenstein J., Diogo V., Bürgi M., Verburg P. H., Schüpbach B., Szerencsits E., Mohr F., Siegrist M., Swart R., Herzog F.
An approach for comparing agricultural development to societal visions.
Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 42, 2022, 1-17.

Allen-Perkins A., Magrach A., Dainese M., Albrecht M., Sutter L., Herzog F., Jeanneret P., Nates Parra G., Magalhaes Pigozo C., Bartomeus I.
CropPol: A dynamic, open and global database on crop pollination.
Ecology, 103, (3), 2022, 1-8.

Bättig D., Ramseier H., Luka H., Herzog F., Jacot-Ammann K.
Blühstreifen für Bestäuber: Umfrage zeigt weitgehende Zufriedenheit in der Praxis.
Agrarforschung Schweiz, 13, 2022, 26-33.

Ammann L., Bosem-Baillod A., Eckerter P.W., Entling M.H., Albrecht M., Herzog F.
Comparing floral resource maps and land cover maps to predict predators and aphid suppression on field bean.
Landscape Ecology, 37, 2021, 431-441.

Jeanneret P., Lüscher G., Schneider M. K., Pointerau P., Herzog F., Arndorfer M., Bailey D., Balàzs K., Bàldi A., Choisis J-P., et al.
An increase in food production in Europe could dramatically affect farmland biodiversity.
communications earth & environment, 2, (183), 2021, 1-8.

Nishizawa T., Kay S., Klein N., Schuler J., Zander P., Herzog F.
Integrated model-based investigation of farm management options and measures to improve biodiversity in agricultural landscapes in north-western Switzerland.
Dans: LANDSCAPE 2021 – Diversity for Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture, Book of Abstracts. 20–22 September, Ed. Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), Online Conference. 2021, 173.

Hepner S., Kreuzer A., Helfenstein J., Herzog F.
Polarization of agricultural landscape across Europe? : An analysis of changing land use intensity in 14 case study sites.
Dans: Landscape 2021 - Diversity for Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture. 20 September, Ed. Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), Berlin (online). 2021, 1.

Kreuzer A., Hepner S., Herzog F., Helfenstein J.
What is the effect of increasing field size on landscape structure elements?
Dans: Landscape 2021 - Diversity for Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture. 21.09., Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), Deutschland. 2021.

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