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Wijayawardene N.N., Dai D.Q, Sánchez-García M., Thines M., Goto B.T., Saxena R.K., Erdoğdu M., Selçuk F., Rajeshkumar K.C., Aptroot A., Błaszkowski J., Boonyuen N., da Silva G. A., de Souza F. A., Dong W. et autres
Outline of Fungi and fungus-like taxa - 2021.
Mycosphere, 13, (1), 2022, 53-453.

Corazon-Guivin M. A., Vallejos-Tapullima A., de la Sota-Ricaldi A. M., Vallejos-Torres G., Ruíz-Sánchez M. E., Santos V. M., da Silva G. A., Oehl F.
Acaulospora flavopapillosa, a new fungus in the Glomeromycetes from a coffee plantation in Peru, with an updated key for the identification of Acaulosporaceae species.
Journal of Applied Botany and Food Quality, 95, 2022, 6-16.

El Hilali R., Symanczik S., El Kinany S., Oehl F., Ouahmane L., Bouamri R.
Cultivation, identification, and application of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with date palm plants in Drâa-Tafilalet oasis.
Rhizosphere, 22, 2022, 1-8.

Lebeuf R., Alexandrova A. V., Cerna-Mendoza A., Corazon-Guivin M. A., da Silva G. A., de la Sota-Ricaldi A. M., Dima B., Fryssouli V., Guerrero-Abad J. C., Lamoureux Y., Landry J., Mešic A., Morozova O. V., Noordeloos M. E., Oehl F. et autres
Fungal Systematics and Evolution: FUSE 8.
Sydowia, 74, 2021, 193-249.

Säle V., Palenzuela J., Azcón-Aguilar C., Sánchez-Castro I., Alves da Silva G., Seitz B., Sieverding E., van der Heijden M., Oehl F.
Ancient lineages of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi provide little plant benefit.
Mycorrhiza, 31, 2021, 559-576.

Guerrero-Abad J.C., Padilla-Domínguez A., Torres-Flores E., López-Rodríguez C., Guerrero-Abad R. A., Coyne D., Oehl F., Corazon-Guivin M. A.
A pathogen complex between the root knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita and Fusarium verticillioides results in extreme mortality of the inka nut (Plukenetia volubilis).
Journal of Applied Botany and Food Quality, 94, 2021, 162-168.

Chourasiya D., Gupta M. M., Sahni S., Oehl F., Agnihotri R., Buade R., Maheshwari H. S., Prakash A., Sharma M. P.
Unraveling the AM fungal community for understanding its ecosystem resilience to changed climate in agroecosystems.
Symbiosis, 84, (3), 2021, 295-310.

Wittwer R., Bender S. F., Hartman K., Hydbom S., Lima R.A.A., Loaiza V., Nemecek T., Oehl F., Olsson P.A., Petchey O., Prechsl U.E., Schlaeppi K., Scholten T., Seitz S., Six J. et autres
Organic and conservation agriculture promote ecosystem multifunctionality.
Science Advances, 7, (34), 2021, 1-12.

Corazon-Guivin M.A., , Vallejos-Tapullima A., de la Sota-Ricaldi A.M., Cerna-Mendoza A., Guerrero-Abad J.C., Santos V.M., Silva G.A., Oehl F.
Acaulospora flava, a new arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus from Coffea arabica and Plukenetia volubilis plantations at the sources of the Amazon river in Peru.
Journal of Applied Botany and Food Quality, 94, 2021, 116-123.

Passos J.H., Maia L.C., Azevedo de Assis D.M.A, da Silva J.A., Oehl F., da Silva I.R.
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal community structure in the rhizosphere of three plant species of crystalline and sedimentary areas in the Brazilian dry forest.
Microbial Ecology, 82, (1), 2021, 104-121.

Sudová R., Rydlová J., Čtvrtlíková,M., Kohout P., Oehl F., Voříšková,J., Kolaříková Z.
Symbiosis of isoetid plant species with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi under aquatic versus terrestrial conditions.
Mycorrhiza, 31, 2021, 273-288.

Marjanović Ž. , Nawaz A., Stevanović K. , Saljnikov E., Maček I., Oehl F., Wubet T.
Root-associated mycobiome differentiate between habitats supporting production of different truffle species in Serbian riparian forests.
Microorganisms, 8, (9), 2020, 1-27.

Maia L. C., Passos J. H., Silva J. A., Oehl F., Assis D. M. A.
Species diversity of Glomeromycota in Brazilian biomes.
Sydowia, 72, 2020, 181-205.

Chebaane A., Symanczik S., Oehl F., Azri R., Gargouri M., Mäder P., Mliki A., Fki L.
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with Phoenix dactylifera L. grown in Tunisian Sahara oases of different salinity levels..
Symbiosis, 81, 2020, 173-186.

Avio L., Njeru E. M., Oehl F., Turrini A.., Bocci G., Bàrberi P., Giovannetti M., Sbrana C.
Small-scale soil heterogeneity affects the distribution of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal species in a hot-spot field in a Mediterranean site.
Applied Soil Ecology, 154, (October), 2020, 1-8.

Wijayawardene N.N., Hyde K.D., Al-Ani L.K.T., Tedersoo L., Haelewaters D., Aptroot A., Lumbsch H.T., Bensch K., Kirk P.M., Kolaříková Z., Oehl F., da Silva G.A., Błaszkowski J., Castañeda-Ruiz R.F., Becerra A.G. et autres
Outline of Fungi and fungi-like taxa.
Mycosphere, 11, 2020, 1060-1456.

Corazon-Guivin M.A., Cerna-Mendoza A., Guerrero-Abad J.C., Vallejos-Tapullima A., Ríos-Ramierez O., Vallejos-Torres G., Sota-Ricaldi A.M., Santos V.M., Silva G.A., Oehl F.
Paraglomus occidentale, a new fungus from the sources of the Amazon river in Peru, with a key to the paraglomeromycetes species.
Sydowia, 72, 2020, 85-94.

Vieira L.A. , da Silva D. K. A., Escobar I. E. C., da Silva J. M., Moura I. A., Oehl F., da Silva G. A.
Changes in an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi community along an environmental gradient.
Plants, 9, (1), 2020, 1-17.

Song J., Corazon-Guivin M.A., Guerrero-Abad J.C., Vallejos-Tapullima A., Silva G.A., Oehl F., Haelewaters D.
Fungal Systematics and Evolution: FUSE 5.
Sydowia, 71, 2019, 141-245.

Oehl F.
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi as microbial indicators to characterize soils and their use intensity.
Dans: SETAC - Europe 14th Special Science Symposium. Soil biodiversity: What do we know and how to protect it from adverse effects of plant production products and other chemicals?. 19.11., Ed. SETAC Europe Office, Brussels, Brüssel. 2019.

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