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Publications Giovanni Broggini

Schlathölter I., Broggini G., Meissle M., Romeis J., Studer B., Patocchi A.
Multi-level assessment of field-grown cisgenic apple trees.
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Schlathölter I., Meissle M., Boeriis T., Heimo D., Studer B., Broggini G., Romeis J., Patocchi A.
No adverse dietary effect of a cisgenic fire blight resistant apple line on the non-target arthropods Drosophila melanogaster and Folsomia candida.
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, (241), 2022, 1-9.

Broggini G., Jung M., Studer B., Köhle M., Kobelt M., Bolliger N., Keller B., Bühlmann-Schütz S., Bühlmann A., Knauf A., Hodel M., Kellerhals M., Patocchi A.
Apfelzukunft Dank Züchtung - AZZ.
Schweizer Zeitschrift für Obst- und Weinbau, 7, 2021, 13-15.

Patocchi A., Keilwagen J., Berner T., Wenzel S., Broggini G., Altschmied L., Hanke M.-V., Flachowsky H.
No evidence of unexpected transgenic insertions in T1190 – A transgenic apple used in rapid cycle breeding – following whole genome sequencing.
Frontiers in Plant Science, 12, (715737), 2021, 1-13.

Schlathölter I., Dalbosco A., Meissle M., Knauf A., Dallemulle A., Keller B., Romeis J., Broggini G., Patocchi A.
Low outcrossing from an apple field trial protected with nets.
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Wie funktioniert die Feuerbrandresistenz beim Apfel?
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Schlathölter I., Schütz S., Kellerhals M., Broggini G., Patocchi A.
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Erstes Feuerbrandresistenzgen isoliert.
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