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Palacio-Bielsa A., Lopez-Soriano P., Bühlmann A., Van Doorn J., Pham K. , Cambra M.A., Berruete I.M., Pothier J., Duffy B. , Olmos A. , Lopez M. M.
Evaluation of a real-time PCR and a loop-mediated isothermal amplification for detection of Xanthomonas arboricola pv. pruni in plant tissue samples.
Journal of Microbiological Methods, 112, 2015, 36-39.

Hunziker K., Gassmann J., Bühlmann A., Schaad J., Kellerhals M.
Beschreibung der Schweizer Obstvielfalt.
Schweizer Zeitschrift für Obst- und Weinbau, 151, (3), 2015, 11-14.
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Bühlmann A., Pothier J., Smits T., Frey J. E., Duffy B.
Summary of ACW work in Q-Detect.
In: Summary of ACW work in Q-Detect. 02.2013, Ed. Summary of ACW work in Q-Detect, Ljubljana. 2013, 1-1.

Mann R.A., Smits T., Bühlmann A., Blom J. , Goesmann A. , Frey J. E., Plummer K.M. , Beer S. V. , Luck J. , Duffy B., Rodoni B.
Comparative genomics of 12 strains of Erwinia amylovora identifies a pan-genome with a large conserved core and provides insights into host specificity.
PLoS ONE, 8, 2013, 0.

Bühlmann A., Pothier J., Rezzonico F., Smits T., Andreou M. , Boonham N. , Frey J. E., Duffy B.
Erwinia amylovora loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assay for rapid pathogen detection and on-site diagnosis of fire blight.
Journal of Microbiological Methods, 92, 2013, 332-339.

Bühlmann A., Pothier J., Tomlinson J. A. , Frey J. E., Boonham N. , Smits T., Duffy B.
Genomics-informed design of loop-mediated isothermal amplification for detection of phytopathogenic Xanthomonas arboricola pv. pruni at the intraspecific level.
Plant Pathology, 62, 2013, 475-484.

Mann R.A., Blom J. , Bühlmann A., Plummer K.M., Beer S. V. , Luck J.E., Goesmann A. , Frey J. E., Rodoni B.C., Duffy B., Smits T.
Comparative analysis of the Hrp pathogenicity island of Rubus- and Spiraeoideae-infecting Erwinia amylovora strains identifies the IT region as a remnant of an integrative conjugative element.
Gene, 504, 2012, 6-12.

De Maayer P., Chan W.Y., Rezzonico F., Bühlmann A., Venter S.N., Blom J. , Goesmann A., Frey J. E., Smits T., Duffy B., Coutinho T.A.
Complete genome sequence of clinical isolate Pantoea ananatis LMG 5342..
Journal of Bacteriology, 194, (-), 2012, 1615-1616.

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