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Arrázola-Vásquez E.M., Larsbo M., Capowiez Y., Taylor A., Sandin M., Iseskog D., Keller T.
Earthworm burrowing modes and rates depend on earthworm species and soil mechanical resistance.
Applied Soil Ecology, (178), 2022, 1-9.

Hosseinpour-Ashenaabad R., Keller T., Larsbo M., Hallett P.D.
Dual-platform micromechanical characterization of soils : Oscillation shear rheometry and spherical indentation.
Soil & Tillage Research, (223), 2022, 1-12.

Bahrami M., Naderi-Boldaji M., Ghanbrian D., Keller T.
Simulation of soil stress under plate sinkage loading: A comparison of finite element and discrete element methods.
Soil & Tillage Research, (223), 2022, 1-10.

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Soil structural quality and relationships with root properties in single and integrated farming systems.
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Long-term evidence for ecological intensification as a pathway to sustainable agriculture.
Nature Sustainability, 2022, 1-13.

Keller T., Or D.
Farm vehicles approaching weights of sauropods exceed safe mechanical limits for soil functioning.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 119, (21), 2022, 1-6.

Johannes A., Fontana M., Köstel J. K., Keller T., Weisskopf P., Bragazza L.
Recovery of compacted subsoil : introducing the ROCSUB project.
In: EGU22. 26. April, Vienna. 2022.

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Spatiotemporal patterns of crop diversity reveal potential for diversification in Swedish agriculture.
Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment, 336, 2022, 1-7.

Bösch Y., Jones C. M., Finlay R., Karlsson M., Larsbo M., Keller T., Hallin S.
Minimizing tillage modifies fungal denitrifier communities, increases denitrification rates and enhances the genetic potential for fungal, relative to bacterial, denitrification.
Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 170, 2022, 1-10.

Barbosa L.A.P., Gerke K.M., Munkholm L.J., Keller T., Gerke H.H.
Discrete element modelling of aggregate shape and internal structure effects on Weibull distribution of tensile strength.
Soil & Tillage Research, 219, 2022, 105341.

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On the relationships between the size of agricultural machinery, soil quality and net revenues for farmers and society.
Soil Security, 6, 2022, 100044.

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Lasting effects of soil compaction on soil water regime confirmed by geoelectrical monitoring.
Water Resources Research, 58, 2022, e2021WR030696.

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Effects of soil compaction on grain yield of wheat depend on weather conditions.
Science of the Total Environment, 807, (1), 2022, 1-9.

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Types of Physical Soil Degradation and Implications for their Prevention and Monitoring.
In: Advances in Understanding Soil Degradation. Springer. 2022, 43-73.

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Limited resilience of the soil microbiome to mechanical compaction within four growing seasons of agricultural management.
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Impact of self-propelled sprayer traffic on ferralsol physical properties in southern Brazil.
Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 21, 2021, 2957-2966.

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Pedoclimatic factors and management determine soil organic carbon and aggregation in farmer fields at a regional scale.
Geoderma, 409, (1 March), 2021, 1-12.

Charles, R., Büchi, L., Walder F., Colombi, T., Keller T., Banerjee, S., Six, J., van der Heijden M.
Evaluating the strengths and weakness of conventional, no-till and organic cropping systems: an assessment of yield, soil protection and environmental performance.
In: Organic World Congress. 21-27.09.2020, Ed. IFOAM Organics International, Rennes, France. 2021.

Keller T., Weisskopf P., Stettler M.
Terranimo : www.terranimo.ch.
In: 01.09.2021, Ed. Agroscope, Zürich. 2021, 1-1.

Weisskopf P., Garland G., Heller O., Keller T.
Humus - Kohlenstoffkreisklauf - Humusbilanzierung.
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