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Malische C.S., Lewansowski L., Salminen J.-P., Taube F., Lüscher A.
Low concentrations of protein- and fiber-bound proanthocyanidins in sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia) are stable across accessions, growth stages, and drought conditions.
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 68, 2020, 7369-7377.

Schaub S., Buchmann N., Lüscher A., Finger R.
Economic benefits from plant species diversity in intensively managed grasslands.

Fox A., Lüscher A., Widmer F.
Plant species identity drives soil microbial community structures that persist under a following crop.
Ecology and Evolution, 10, 2020, 8652-8668.

Finn J. A., Suter M., Haughey E., Lüscher A.
Species richness increased yield stability in intensively managed grasslands subjected to experimental drought.
In: International Symposium on Climate-Resilient Agri-Environmental Systems (ISCRAES 2020). ISCRAES Book of Abstracts Series 1, October, Ed. M.I. Khalil and B.A. Osborne, University College Dublin and Prudence College Dublin, Ireland. 2020, 53.

Klaus V.H., Richter F., Buchmann N., Jan P., El Benni N., Lüscher A.
Effects of organic farming on ecosystem services and multifunctionality in Switzerland: the ServiceGrass project.
In: Proceedings of the 28th General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation - Grassland Science in Europe, Volume 25. 19.10., Ed. The Organising Committee of the 28th General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Wageningen Academic Publishers, Wageningen, The Netherlands. 2020, 505-507.

Zehnder T., Lüscher A., Ritzmann C., Pauler C., Bérard J., Kreuzer M., Schneider M. K.
Dominant shrub species are a strong predictor of plant species diversity along subalpine pasture-shrub transects.
Alpine Botany, 130, 2020, 141-156.

Klötzli J., Schaffner U., Suter M., Lüscher A.
Experimental trials managed by Agroscope and AGFF : Integrated Weed Management: PRActical Implementation and Solutions for Europe.
Ed. Veneto Agricoltura - Agenzia veneta per l’innovazione nel settore primario, Veneto. 30 April, 2020, 5 pp.

Suter M., Lüscher A.
Gestresstes Grünland erholt sich gut.
Top Agrar, 6, 2020, 28-29.

Fox A., Suter M., Widmer F., Lüscher A.
Positive legacy effect of previous legume proportion in a ley on the performance of a following crop of Lolium multiflorum.
Plant and Soil, 447, 2020, 497-506.

Suter M., Huguenin-Elie O., Lüscher A.
Species diversity enhances multifunctionality of sown grassland.
In: Symposium: Above- and belowground Biodiversity for Sustainable Ecosystems. 14./15. November, Ed. Agroscope, Zürich. 2019.

Schneider M. K., Zehnder T., Bérard J., Kreuzer M., Lüscher A.
Verbindung von Produktions- und Naturschutzzielen durch die extensive Beweidung von Grenzertragslagen.
Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Grünland und Futterbau AGFF, 6, 2019, 45-48.

Gilgen A.K., Klaus V.H., Lüscher A., Buchmann N.
From research - for practice: translating research findings for practical application.
Grassland Science in Europe, 24, 2019, 536.

Hovenden M.J., Leuzinger S., Newton P.C.D., Fletcher A., Fatichi S., Lüscher A., Reich P.B., Anderson L.C., Beier C., Blumenthal D.M., Chiariello N.R., Dukes J.S., Kellner J., Hofmockel K., Nicklaus P.A. e altri
Globally consistent influences of seasonal precipitation limit grassland biomass response to elevated CO2.
Nature Plants, 5, 2019, 167-173.

Le Clec'h S., Finger R., Buchmann N., Gosal A., Hörtnagl L., Huguenin-Elie O., Jeanneret P., Lüscher A., Schneider M. K., Huber R.
Assessment of spatial variability of multiple ecosystem services in grasslands of different intensities.
Journal of Environmental Management, 251, (109372), 2019, 1-25.

Lüscher A., Grieder C., Huguenin-Elie O., Klaus V.H., Reidy B., Schneider M. K., Schubiger F., Suter D., Suter M., Kölliker R.
Grassland systems in Switzerland with a main focus on sown grasslands.
Grassland Science in Europe, 24, 2019, 3-16.

Suter M., Huguenin-Elie O., Lüscher A.
Species diversity enhances multifunctionality in sown grass-legume mixtures.
Grassland Science in Europe, 24, 2019, 96.

Huguenin-Elie O., Stutz C. J., Gago R., Lüscher A.
Grassland management options to extend the lifespan of sown grasslands.
Grassland Science in Europe, 24, 2019, 219.

Huguenin-Elie O., Mosimann E., Schlegel P., Lüscher A., Kessler W., Jeangros B.
9/ Concimazione delle superfici prative: Principi di concimazione delle colture agricole in Svizzera (PRIC).
Recherche Agronomique Suisse, 8, (6), 2019, Pubblicazione speciale, 1-22.
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Mueller-Harvey I., Bee G., Dohme-Meier F., Hoste H., Karonen M., Kölliker R., Lüscher A., Niderkorn V., Pellikaan W.F., Salminen J.-P., Skøt L., Smith L.M.J., Thamsborg S.M., Totterdell P., Wilkinson I. e altri
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Crop Science, 59, (online), 2019, 1-25.

Haughey E., Suter M., Hofer D., Hoekstra N.J., McElwain J.C., Lüscher A., Finn J.A.
Higher species richness enhances yield stability in intensively managed grasslands with experimental disturbance.
Scientific Reports, 8, (15047), 2018, 1-10.

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