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Pubblicazioni Marianne Balmer

Poiger Th, Buser H-R, Balmer M, Bergqvist P-A, Müller Markus D.
Occurrence of UV Filter Compounds from Sunscreens in Surface Waters: Regional Mass Balance in Two Swiss Lakes.
Chemosphere, 55, (7), 2004, 951-963.

Balmer M.E., Buser H-R, Müller MD, Poiger Th
Occurrence of the Organic UV Filter Compounds BP-3, 4-MBC, EHMC, and OC in Wastewater, Surface Water.

Poiger T., Müller MD, Buerge I.J., Balmer M, Buser H-R
Occurrence and Environmental Behavior of Chiral Compounds: Enantioselective Processes and Source Apportioning.

Balmer M.E., Poiger Th, Droz Ch, Romanin K, Bergqvist P-A, Müller MD, Buser H-R
Occurrence of Methyl Triclosan, a Transformation Product of the Bactericide Triclosan, in Fish from Various Lakes in Switzerland.
Environ. Sci. Technol., 38, (2), 2004, 390-395.

Poiger T., Buser H-R, Müller MD, Balmer M, Buerge I.J.
Occurrence and Fate of Organic Micropollutants in the Environment: Regional Mass Balances and Source Apportioning in Surface Waters Based on Laboratory Incubation Studies in Soil and Water, Monitoring, and Computer Modeling.

Buser H-R, Müller MD, Poiger T, Balmer M
Environmental Behavior of the Chiral Acetamide Pesticide Metalaxyl: Enantioselective Degradation and Chiral Stability in Soil.
Environ. Sci. Technol., 36, (2), 2002, 221-226.

Balmer M.E., Goss K-U, Schwarzenbach R
Photolytic Transformation of Organic Pollutants on Soil Surfaces-An Experimental Approach.

Balmer M.E., Sulzberger B
Atrazine Degradation in Irradiated Iron/Oxalate Systems: Effects of pH and Oxalate.

Balmer M.E.
Light-induced transformation of pesticides in soils - some fundamental studies in laboratory model systems.

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