Neobiota Surveillance, Monitoring and Management in Swiss Agroecosystems

Rising international trade and travel, coupled with unprecedented rates of global warming, promote the spread and establishment of alien invasive pests, pathogens and weeds. In addition to support to the management of already occurring alien noxious organisms, this project strengthens activities aimed at anticipating and preparing for the arrival of new species. Through predictions of their potential future distribution, we target surveillance to improve the likelihood of early detection, monitor spatial spread and provide timely recommendations for containment and control. Because new species often enter Switzerland from its southern borders, the experience gained on case studies of current relevance in Ticino will be capitalized in northern regions in the future.

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Altenbach Denise Changins +41 58 465 15 47
Breitenmoser Stève Changins +41 58 460 43 17
Buchmann Beatrix Wädenswil +41 58 460 63 11
Buholzer Serge Reckenholz +41 58 468 72 31
Bünter Markus Wädenswil +41 58 465 22 98
Grabenweger Giselher Reckenholz +41 58 468 75 97
Jermini Mauro Cadenazzo +41 58 466 00 32
Jousson Antoine Cadenazzo +41 58 485 50 76
Kehrli Patrik Changins +41 58 460 43 16
Linder Christian Changins +41 58 460 43 89
Maggini Ramona Cadenazzo +41 58 463 06 95
Mazzi Dominique Cadenazzo +41 58 460 61 93
Rizzoli Attilio Cadenazzo +41 58 481 96 30
Storelli Alan Posieux +41 58 460 53 26
Weibel Joana Wädenswil +41 58 465 74 89
Wirth Judith Changins +41 58 460 44 28

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