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Roland Nasser

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Roland Nasser

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I work as a data scientist in the digital production group and I am part of the DataDrive team. I am involved in several project and I am managing the computer vision coordination project (a SFF11 subprojet).

Data science contains a broad spectrum of activities and it is a challenging field, not only because it comes at the interface of computer science and math, but also because:

  • There are a lot of available tools in the market.
  • Working in data science involves having some domain knowledge (often different than our domain knowledge of comfort)
  • The reproducibility and generalizability of created systems and models

My main function is to mitigate these difficulties in a research context by contributing to data and machine learning aspects in the projects I am contributing to. Here are few examples of the projects I am working on:

  • Computer vision coordination project: enable and foster computer vision based projects at agroscope by supporting CV based projects and organizing regular meetings and workshops about the topic.
  • Rumex detection using computer vision: in this project, I work on the modelling and the system architecture.
  • Smart irrigation using dendrometers signals over LoraWAN: in this project, I work on signal and data analysis and on implementing the backend routine for automation.
  • Rhythmicity as welfare indicators for ruminants: I develop algorithms (in the context of the DigiRhythm package) and analyze data.

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