Felix Herzog


Ing. Agr. ETH, Dr. sc. techn.

Research Group

  • Agricultural Landscape and Biodiversity


Head of Research Group Agricultural Landscape and Biodiversity

Felix Herzog

Reckenholzstrasse 191
8046 Zürich

Phone +41 58 468 74 45

Location Reckenholz

Felix Herzog


  • Biodiversity Patterns in Space and Time
  • Biodiversity Promotion and Protection of UZL Target and Flagship Species
  • Functional Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
  • Assessing and Designing Agricultural Landscapes

Felix Herzog


Felix Herzog PhD is an agronomist and landscape ecologist. He has worked in interdisciplinary research for 25 years in projects in Switzerland, Germany, in Europe and beyond. Since 2000 he is a research group leader at Agroscope. Research interests comprise the interactions between agricultural practices and the environment, agricultural landscapes and biodiversity, the evlauation of ecosystem services, novel production systems such as agroforestry.