Agroscope researchers' publications can be found in the Institutional Repository. If the PDF of the publication is freely available, it can be downloaded. Otherwise, the publication reference will inform you of where the paper was published.

New Publications

Baur B., Lutz M., Guyer A., Keller M.
Pflanzenschutzmittelbewilligungen für den Gemüsebau: Aktualisierung 2/2020.
Agroscope Transfer, 346, 2020, 1-5.
other Languages: french | italian

Descombes P., Walthert L., Baltensweiler A., Meuli R. G., Karger D. N., Ginzler C., Zurell D., Zimmermann N. E.
Spatial modelling of ecological indicator values improves predictions of plant distributions in complex landscapes.
Ecography, 43, 2020, 1-16.

Sauer C., Lutz M., Albertoni L., Jermini M., Fischer S., Hauenstein S.
Gemüsebau Info 21/2020.
Publ. Agrosocpe, Wädenswil. 2020, 8 pp.
other Languages: french | italian

Gravalon P., Perren S., Inderbitzin J.
Essais 2019 de lutte phytosanitaire contre le feu bactérien : bonne efficacité malgré une forte infection.
Revue suisse de viticulture arboriculture horticulture, 52, (2), 2020, 118-125.

Wyss U., Frick R.
Zwischenfutter mit Sorghum silieren.
Revue UFA, 7-8, 2020, 38-39.

Carron C.-A., Christ B., Simonnet X.
Swiss Herbal Note 11 : Prüfung des landwirtschaftlichen Potenzials von Echtem Thymian (Thymus vulgaris L.) ‘Varico 2 F2’.
Agroscope Transfer, 343, 2020, 1-3.
other Languages: french

Zantsi S.
Which ruminant livestock to farm with in communal rangelands? Affordability, profitability and sustainability of communal ruminant livestock farming in the Eastern Cape, South Africa: a policy-directed review.
In: 55th Congress of the Grassland Society of Southern Africa. 29 May, held virtual on zoom. 2020, 1-4.

Drakopoulos D., Meca G., Torrijos R., Marty A., Kägi A., Jenny E., Forrer H.-R., Six J., Vogelgsang S.
Control of Fusarium graminearum in wheat with mustard-based botanicals: from in vitro to in planta.
Frontiers in Microbiology, online, 2020, 1-15.

Stacher D., Schmid M.
Betriebsführer 2020/2021.
Agroscope Transfer, 319, 2020, 1-65.

Britt E., Giesser J., Naef A., Bühlmann A., Zwahlen D., Dornier V.
Die Vampire der Apfelbäume.
Schweizer Zeitschrift für Obst- und Weinbau, 10, 2020, 24-27.