Agroscope researchers' publications can be found in the Institutional Repository. If the PDF of the publication is freely available, it can be downloaded. Otherwise, the publication reference will inform you of where the paper was published.

New Publications

Vanino S., Pirelli T., Di Bene C., Bøe F., Castaheira N., Chenu C., Cornu S., Feiza V., Fornara D., Heller O., Kasparinskis R., Keesstra S., Lasorella M. V., Madenoğlu S., Meurer K.H.E. and others
Barriers and opportunities of soil knowledge to address soil challenges : Stakeholders’ perspectives across Europe.
Journal of Environmental Management, 325, (B), 2023, 1-9.

Ritzel C., Hoop D., Portmann M., Wallner A., Mack G.
Swiss Parks of National Importance as model regions of sustainable development : An economic success story for farmers?
Land Use Policy, 124, 2023, 1-15.

Gabioud Rebeaud S., Cioli L., Cotter P.-Y., Christen D.
Cultivar, maturity at harvest and postharvest treatments influence softening of apricots.
Postharvest Biology and Technology, 195, 2023, 1-12.

Marques de Sousa A. R., Recio I., Heimo D., Dubois S., Moughan P. J., Hodgkinson S. M., Portmann R., Egger C.
In vitro digestibility of dietary proteins and in vitro DIAAS analytical workflow based on the INFOGEST static protocol and its validation with in vivo data.
Food Chemistry, 404, 2023, 1-11.

Aeschlimann A., Bisig W.
Highlights IDF World Dairy Summit 2022 Delhi und IDF.
In: Liebefelder Milchtagung. 8. November, Publ. Agroscope und HAFL, Zollikofen. 2022.

Schwab P., Sommer M., Weisskopf P., Gubler A., Köstel J. K., Zimmermann R.
Bodenphysikalische Kennwerte von 14 Standorten der Nationalen Bodenbeobachtung NABO.
Agroscope Science, 143, 2022, 1-69.

Neff F., Hagge J., Achury R., Ambarlı D., Ammer C., Schall P., Seibold S., Staab M., Weisser W., Gossner M.
Hierarchical trait filtering at different spatial scales determines beetle assemblages in deadwood.
Functional Ecology, 36, (12), 2022, 2929-2942.

Camps C., Sutter L., Anselmo S., Michel V.
Cultures maraîchères sous serre Rapport projets Extension 2022.
Publ. Agroscope, Conthey. Octobre, 2022, 12 pp.

Camps C., Arrine Y., Christ B., Collet L.
Xeral wirkte am besten.
Der Gemüsebau / Le Maraîcher, 5, 2022, 34-35.
other Languages: french

Brönnimann V., Jacot-Ammann K., Jeanneret P.
Nützlinge statt Pestizide im Zuckerrübenanbau : Pilotprojekt 2021.
Publ. Agroscope, Zürich. 11. Februar, 2022, 23 pp.