Agroscope researchers' publications can be found in the Institutional Repository. If the PDF of the publication is freely available, it can be downloaded. Otherwise, the publication reference will inform you of where the paper was published.

New Publications

Sauer C., Lutz M., Fischer S., Albertoni L., Jermini M., Vieweger A.
Gemüsebau Info 22/2022.
Publ. Agroscope, Wädenswil. 10. August, 2022, 8 pp.
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Straub L., Strobl V., Bruckner S., Camenzind D., Van Oystaeyen A., Wäckers F., Williams G., Neumann P.
Buffered fitness components : Antagonism between malnutrition and an insecticide in bumble bees.
Science of the Total Environment, (883), 2022, 1-11.

Pontiggia A., Münger A., Stucki D., Ammer S., Bruckmaier R.M., Keil N., Dohme-Meier F.
Physiological response of grazing dairy cows ti incresing ambient temperature in moderate climates.
In: Proceedings of the Society of Nutrition Physiology. 2022, Publ. Gesellschaft für Ernährungsphysiologie, Göttingen. 2022, 58-58.

Wülser J., Ernst C., Vetsch D., Emmenegger B., Michel A., Lutz S., Ahrens C., Vorholt J., Ledermann R., Fischer H.-M.
Salt- and osmo-responsive sensor histidine kinases activate the Bradyrhizobium diazoefficiens general stress response to initiate functional symbiosis.
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 35, (7), 2022, 604-615.

Vaishnav A., Kumar R., Singh H.B., Sarma B.K.
Extending the benefits of PGPR to bioremediation of nitrile pollution in crop lands for enhancing crop productivity.
Science of the Total Environment, (826), 2022, 1-11.

Vanwindekens F., Heller O., Di Bene C., Nino P., Huyghebaert B.
Innovative Soil Management Practices across Europe : Final Report of i-SoMPE.
Publ. EJP SOIL, CRA-W, Belgium. February 1st, 2022, 135 pp.

Brodschneider R., Schlagbauer J., Arakelyan I., Ballis A., Brus J., Brusbardis V., Cadahía L., Charrière J.-D., Chlebo R., Cheffey M., Cornelissen B., Amaro da Costa C., Danneels E., Danihlík J., Dobrescu C. and others
Spatial clusters of Varroa destructor control strategies in Europe.
Journal of Pest Science, 2022, 1-25.

Rizzoli A., Jelmini L., Pezzatti G.B., Jermini M., Schumpp O., Debonneville C., Marcolin E., Krebs P., Conedera M.
Impact of the “Flavescence Dorée” Phytoplasma on Xylem growth and anatomical characteristics in trunks of ‘Chardonnay’ grapevines (Vitis vinifera).
Biology, 11, (7), 2022, 1-14.

Mann S., Renaux H.
Five shapes of cognitive dissonance : Using Objective Hermeneutics to under-stand the meat paradox.
Food Ethics, (7), 2022, 1-14.

Couteller L., Roch L., Kasper-Völkl C.
Tail biting and its precursors have distinctive gene-expression profiles in protein-restricted pigs.
In: EAAP-Konferenz. 06. September, Porto. 2022.