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Volk M., Suter M., Wahl A.-L., Bassin S.
Massive warming-induced carbon loss from subalpine grassland soils in an altitudinal transplantation experiment.
Biogeosciences, 19, (11), 2022, 2921-2937.

Volk M., Suter M., Wahl A.-L., Bassin S.
Subalpine grassland productivity increased with warmer and drier conditions, but not with higher N deposition, in an altitudinal transplantation experiment.
Biogeosciences, 18, 2021, 2075-2090.

Wüst-Galley C., Volk M., Bassin S.
Interaction of climate change and nitrogen deposition on subalpine pastures.
Journal of Vegetation Science, online, (5 September), 2020, 1-12.

Volk M., Bassin S., Lehmann F., Johnson M.G., Andersen C.P.
13C isotopic signature and C concentration of soil density fractions illustrate reduced C allocation to subalpine grassland soil under high atmospheric N deposition.
Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 125, 2018, 178-184.

Bassin S., Blanke V., Volk M., Fuhrer J.
Ozone and nitrogen effects on juvenile subalpine plants: Complex interactions with species and colonization by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF).
Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 228, (1), 2017, 30.

Volk M., Enderle J., Bassin S.
Subalpine grassland carbon balance during 7 years of increased atmospheric N deposition.
Biogeosciences, 13, (12), 2016, 3807-3817.

Bassin S., Käch D., Valsangiacomo A., Mayer J., Oberholzer H.-R., Volk M., Fuhrer J.
Elevated ozone and nitrogen deposition affect nitrogen pools of subalpine grassland.
Environmental Pollution, 201, 2015, 67-74.

Volk M., Wolff V., Bassin S., Ammann C., Fuhrer J.
High tolerance of subalpine grassland to long-term ozone exposure is independent of N input and climatic drivers.
Environmental Pollution, 189, 2014, 161-168.

Bassin-Schmid S., Volk M., Fuhrer J.
Species composition of subalpine grassland is sensitive to nitrogen deposition, but not to ozone, after seven years of treatment.
Ecosystems, 16, (6), 2013, 1105-1117.

Blanke V., Bassin S., Volk M., Fuhrer J.
Nitrogen deposition effects on subalpine grassland: The role of nutrient limitations and changes in mycorrhizal abundance..
Acta Oecologica, 45, 2012, 57-65.

Díaz-de-Quijano M., Schaub M., Bassin S., Volk M., Peñuelas J.
Ozone visible symptoms and reduced root biomass in the subalpine species Pinus uncinata after two years of free-air ozone fumigation.
Environmental Pollution, 169, 2012, 250-257.

Volk M., Obrist, D., Novak M., Giger R., Bassin S., Fuhrer J.
Subalpine grassland carbon dioxide fluxes indicate substantial carbon losses under increased nitrogen deposition, but not at elevated ozone concentration.
Global Change Biology, 17, (1), 2011, 366-376.

Seraina Bassin, Roland A. Werner, Karin Sörgel, Matthias Volk, Nina Buchmann, Jürg Fuhrer
Effects of combined ozone and nitrogen deposition on the in situ properties of eleven key plant species of a subalpine pasture.
Oecologia, 58, 2009, 474-756.

Seraina Bassin, Matthias Volk, Jürg Fuhrer
Factors affecting the ozone sinsitivity of temperate European grasslands. An overview.
Environmental Pollution, 146, 2007, 678-691.

Seraina Bassin, Matthias Volk, Matthias Suter, Nina Buchmann, Jürg Fuhrer
Nitrogen deposition but not ozone affects productivity and community composition of subalpine grassland after 3 year of treatment.
New Phytologist, 175, (3), 2007, 523-534.

Matthias Volk, Patrick Bungener, François Contat, Myrta Montani, Jürg Fuhrer
Grassland yield declined by a quarter in 5 years of free-air ozone fumigation.
Global Change Biology, 12, 2006, 74-83.

M. Jäggi, M. Saurer, Matthias Volk, Jürg Fuhrer
Effects of elevated ozone on leaf d13C and leaf conductance of plant species grown in semi-natural grassland with or without irrigation.
Environmental Pollution, 134, 2005, 209-216.

Matthias Volk, Jürg Fuhrer
Productivity of a pre-alpine pasture declines under long-term ozone exposure. Proceedings.

M. Neubert, Matthias Volk, Felix Herzog
Modellierung und Bewertung des Einflusses von Landnutzung und Bewirtschaftungsintensität auf den potenziellen Nitrataustrag in einem mesoskaligen Einzugsgebiet.
Landnutzung und Landentwicklung, 44, 2003, 1-8.

Matthias Volk, M. Geissmann, A. Blatter, F. Contat, Jürg Fuhrer
Design and performance of a free-air exposure system to study long-term effects of ozone on grasslands.
Atmospheric Environment, 37, 2003, 1341-1350.

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