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Ottimizzazione della gestione dei pascoli per i servizi ecosistemici

The project aims to investigate the potential of new management systems and technologies to optimize the role of grazing to counteract shrub-encroachment. Different robust livestock categories adapted to specific vegetation contexts will be used to enhance foraging efficiency and grazing pressure on shrub-encroached vegetation. Considering the lack of available workforce nowadays, the different systems and technologies will aim to reduce the labour-intensive livestock management operations required under mountain conditions (e.g. fencing over steep areas). Moreover, the project aims to assess the forage utilization efficiency of different cattle crossbreeds managed under contrasting management intensities, a key topic to optimize beef cattle husbandry on pasture-based systems.

Cognome, Nome Sede
Bérard Joël Posieux
Dubois Sébastien Posieux
Mariotte Pierre Posieux
Probo Massimiliano Posieux
Schneider Manuel K. Reckenholz

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